Close Millstone

Pick a reason. A few are suggested below. Send us your ideas.

1.Living near Millstone is hazardous to children, infants and unborn babies.

2. Millstone continuously releases toxic and radioactive waste byproducts to the Long Island Sound. These toxic pollutants contaminate our public beaches and our public waters. They are silent killers.

3. Thermal Plume – Millstone releases millions of gallons of hot water continuously to the Long Island Sound which is already getting so hot the native lobster are heading north to Maine.

4. Millstone’s owner, Dominion Nuclear Connecticut, Inc., fires nuclear whistleblowers and deceives the public. Remember: Dominion is based in Virginia and is dedicated to profit, not safety.

5. Millstone continuously releases radiation to the air. Radiation is toxic and it bioaccumulates. Radiation causes cancer. Check out Radiation exposure is the primary cause of thyroid cancer and it also causes breast and bone cancer, soft-tissue cancer, diseases of the reproductive systems, blood diseases and impairment of the immune system. Why is there so much cancer around Millstone? Why are so many children ill and dying?

6. Millstone’s toxic and radioactive releases are harmful to the marine environment. Millstone kills fish too.

7. Millstone contributes to global warming both in the release of enormous amounts of heat to the environment as well as in the mining and processing of uranium, which use fossil fuels, and in the transportation of fuels and “low-level” nuclear waste.

8. Millstone should stop generating nuclear waste until there is a scientifically sound method to keep the deadly waste safe from the environment for the thousands of years necessary.

9. Nuclear energy is not renewable and it is not sustainable.

10. Millstone is designated Connecticut’s Number One terrorism target by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

11. Remember the Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima meltdowns and their continuing health, social, cultural, economic and environmental costs. What happened there can happen here.

12. Your Government is not protecting you. Your Government is protecting the nuclear industry.

13. The sun and the wind can power Connecticut. Remember: Windmills don’t melt down.

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