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Bailing Out Old Nuclear Power Plants (e.g., Millstone) Makes Efforts to Slow Climate Change Worse: Amory B. Lovins
Dominion Energy’s Brunswick Power Station in Brunswick County, Va
Why Women Should Oppose Nuclear Power
Beware of sea spray at Niantic Bay and Jordan Cove beaches!

This insightful report in Forbes magazine by a leading expert to learn why bailing out old, degraded nuclear power plants like Millstone makes climate change worse compared with spending the same money on more-climate-effective ways to deliver the same energy services:

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Read how Dominion mastered techniques of political gamesmanship in Virginia – home of its North Anna and Surry nuclear reactors. Lessons learned for Connecticut in this expose by investigative journalist Lee Fang:

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We have asked the State of Connecticut (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection)(“DEEP”) to test the milk we sampled from Victoria the Goat on May 27, 2019 for the presence of radioactivity. Victoria (great granddaughter of Katie the Goat) lives in Redding, Connecticut, about 25 miles downwind of the Indian Point nuclear power plant. DEEP[…]

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